Proud to Develop Fraser Vista

The family-oriented community of Fraser Vista is a joint-venture development brought to you by G3 Development and Lamont Land. Together, we’ve combined our experience in land acquisition and efficient planning and development to bring this cozy, connected community with unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation and exceptional amenities, all at affordable prices, to Edmonton.

G3 Development Services Inc.

g3_development-services-inc An Alberta-based land development company, G3 Development creates places you are proud to call home for many years to come. Our goal is to develop communities in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible, and we are actively developing in the Edmonton region and Red Deer, as well as exploring opportunities in every major centre in Alberta.The principals of G3 have over 80 years of combined experience in land-use planning, construction, engineering, and land development, and we understand all phases of the development process, from acquisition through construction to final acceptance by the municipality.Widely recognized throughout the province’s private and public sectors, our team offers an unparalleled mix of experience, creativity, and fresh new ideas.


Lamont Land Inc.

lamont-land Lamont Land Inc. has a well-earned reputation for doing things a little differently. Respect for land and people is reflected in everything we do. Our decisions affect many families, and we take care to ensure that the land is developed to its best potential so we can create communities people are proud to call home.Every decision we make is carefully considered from the homeowner’s perspective. Is this a good place for a park? How can this playground accommodate children of all ages? How can we make this neighbourhood affordable?We aren’t afraid to get our boots dirty getting to know the land, either. Because of this hands-on approach and our philosophy of respect, we make better, more efficient, and economically sound developments.